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Interesting facts about Delhi

Interesting facts about Delhi

• As a SECOND MOST POPULOUS CITY of India, Delhi’s population comprises of masses of rags as well as riches. So be prepared to see some views of luxury at one end and poverty at the other end

• You will never feel alone in Delhi, which is the MOST DENSE CITY of India having over 11,300 people per square kilometer

• There are many historical sites to visit in Delhi, with the city having its roots from 6th century BC and three monuments – Humayun’s Tomb, Qutub Minar and Red Fort, declared as WORLD HERITAGE SITES by the UNESCO

• You shall find convenient transport options in Delhi including public buses, taxis and autos, and the world class metro system, which is the 10TH LARGEST METRO SYSTEMS in the world

• With over 180 sq kms forest cover, Delhi is the MOST GREENEST METROPOLIS in India and 10th greenest in the Asia. So you won’t find yourself in just urban forest in Delhi

• Delhi is the SECOND MOST BIRD RICH CAPITAL CITY in the world. So keep your ears open to hear some fine chirping.

• 156 embassies/ high commissions of foreign countries have their presence in Delhi, which is also the national capital of India. So Delhi’s visit means a visit to the power Centre of India

• Delhi has HIGHEST PER CAPITA INCOME among all states in India

• IGI Airport in Delhi is THE BUSIEST AIRPORT in India. So rest assured of a connecting flight from Delhi to any destination in India or outside

• With a daily volume of 350 trains and 500,000 passengers, New Delhi Railway Station is THE BUSIEST AND LARGEST RAILWAY STATION in India. Delhi is well connected to rest of India through the rail network

• There are people and places of worship for almost all religions and sects in Delhi. If you wish to explore, you will find a place of worship for yourself

• Hindi is the native language for most of the people, however you won’t find it difficult to explore Delhi on your own with a basic knowledge of English Write to us at for any information or question related to Delhi

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